Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bits and Bobs from Monday

  • Conference faux pas 1: leaving your phone on by mistake and being the only person in your sessions all day that manages to get a very obvious text message.

  • Conference faux pas 2: sitting the end of the aisle in the Corn Exchange (which has the narrowest foot-room in the whole world) and then everyone being too polite to ask to push through. Result is an almost empty row right in the middle of the theatre. Doh!

  • First proper swearing in a session by a speaker award goes to Aral Balkan.

  • All the speakers in the 5 sessions I went to had Apple Mac Laptops.

  • Microsoft bought everyone free beer for half an hour after the sessions finished. Talk about good PR!

  • Why are there no sessions on Flash Media Server 2 at the conference??

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