Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Keynote Speech - Mike Downey - “Flash and the Adobe Engagement Platform”

The main hall of the Brighton Dome Theatre

The laptop shoulder-bag festooned crowds filed into the dimly lit Brighton Dome Theatre.

By the time it settled down, it looked like maybe 200-300 people were in attendance.

Mike started by covering highlights from 2006:

  • Flash Player 9 penetration is growing

  • Flash Video is becoming web standard

  • Mobile uptake growing

He then went on to talk about things to look forward to in 2007...

  • Adobe Device Control

    • Authoring application for mobiles

    • Release 2007

    • Based on Flash 8 IDE but will run as a standalone

    • Hard core emulator

    • Every device that can host Flash will be available in the emulator

    • This will be updated dynamically as Adobe's database increases

    • You can save sets of devices so you can use a common testing rig

    • Testing individual devices

      • Memory taken up shown

      • Screen size

      • Helps optimise the application

      • Control backlight

      • Reflections, gamma, colour

      • Language, timezone, time

      • Battery level

      • Network type and speed

  • Mark Anders came on to talk about Flex:

    • Flex itself is free - Flex SDK

    • Flex Developer costs the cash

    • Demos were impressive but we go more into that in later sessions

  • Mike Chambers came on to talk about Apollo:

    • Not a general desktop application runtime - specifically designed for RIAs

    • No worries about platform as Apollo completely abstracts that away

    • Can work online/offline with syncing

    • Full HTML integration

  • Flash 9 IDE!

    • Import PSDs and Illustrator files

      • Maintains layers

      • Import process allows you to assign folders, create movieclips and assign instance names

    • Bezier pen tool is now the same as in Illustrator

    • New set of components written from scratch in a new component structure.

      • Cuts the component size in half (at least)

      • Makes them easy to skin

    • Double-click on a component on the desktop and it goes into “component editing mode”

      • Displays all states as mcs

      • Go into each mc and edit

      • Live preview of your changes on the stage

  • All assets for components an library

  • Different style needed - just duplicate the assets and change the duplicate

  • Can convert animations into AS3 (XML)

    • Put generated XML into a frame, movieclip or into Flex

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