Saturday, December 02, 2006

Welcome to Brighton

The ornate entrance to the Brighton Dome

Houston, we've landed!

Whenever I visit Brighton, I'm always struck by how cool it is. Its a happening place and the people here know it without being uptight about it like in London. The bars are heaving and pounding out the latest tunes. Fashion is personal expression and you'll see everything from hippy chic to mod rocker to if-Pete-Doherty-was-a-toff all sitting in the same pub. Choosing to have a conference here is a great choice.

I popped down to the Brighton Dome this evening to have a recce. There's no obvious sign of FOTB 06 about to kick off. No signs on walls or anything.

Looking down a dimly lit street towards the Brighton Dome

The early registration kicks off tomorrow. I'm not really sure what its for but I'm guessing its to sign up for the sessions you want to see. The schedule has changed a little since the last post but the general wishlist is the same with only a few minor deviations.

I'll be posting my pics up here: My FOTB06 Flickr set. I'll hopefully update it each evening (if not in the pub between sessions as long as I can sneak some wifi for free off some unsuspecting business).


Andy and I stayed behind in work last week to listen to the Adobe web-seminar about their new desktop RTE, Apollo. It sounds really great and we'll hopefully get a good look at it at FOTB.

Our discussions have raised a few questions which will hopefully get answered during the week...

  • Will Apollo be able to communicate with other applications running on a user's machine? (i.e. Outlook)

  • How will non-administrative logons effect the installation process? (there's been documented Flash Player install quirks from this scenario)

  • What sort of legacy versions of Windows will be supported? (I'm thinking Win98 here)

If you've got anymore questions about Apollo, post them in the comments and I'll do my best to track down the answers this week.

Either way, this new app will causing a few worries for people such as SWFKit and FlashJester who sell products to make Flash more consumable as a desktop application.

That's all until after registration tomorrow.

PS: I was thinking I was the only delegate going from Wales according to the FOTB06 Backnetwork delegate map. But my latest check shows some peeps from BBC Wales in Cardiff coming down too.

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